About Us
Kelvin Eng Enterprise Sdn Bhd began as a construction hardware company in 1992 by the owner Mr. Eng Joo Ping, dealing in building material and precast concrete product.

In the year of 2008, the company established a sand brick factory combining five units of imported brick machine basically produce cement sand brick to fulfil the demand in construction market. Two year after the successful of market penetration, the company set up several production plants that encompasses a wider range of building material such as pave block and ventilation block.

Over years of interaction with many challenging projects, accumulated skills and know how, and the experiences in designing bricks and blocks and related construction works, today we take on a role as one of the main suppliers for small to medium size construction projects in peninsular Malaysia.

Our sales teams are constantly being trained to adapt to different type of market demand. With commitment to ensure that our clients obtained first hand service at the right time for the right order.

Our Vision

To be respectable, delivering goods and services beyond expectation, always.

Our Mission

To provide a total competitive service to our clients in a timely, quality and cost effective manner. On the other hand, to achieve better and long term relationship between suppliers and customers.
Our Market

Mainly in housing development & Hardware distributors. By combined of our manpower & resources, our mission is to provide a total competitive service to our client in a timely, quality & cost effective manner. On the other hand, to achieve better &  long term relationship between supplier & customers.
Why Choose Us?
Systematic Company Management – Our Company has been divided into six individual departments which stand by financial, production, retail, wholesales, transport, and mechanical department. Each department has its well trained staffs to solve and manage daily operation and problems.
We set up our company in one line basis, from production line to sales like which aimed to achieve better service and easier management control.This can actually help to save time and cost of delivery.
Efficient delivery service – Our company has vehicles including cargo with crane and trailer to provide on time service from other competitors, this is to ensure that our customers can obtain 1st hand delivery service.
We provide one stop service from goods order to delivery, this can help to save time and cost of delivery.
Other than own manufactured products, we are 1st hand authorised dealer of few branded product such as Potex & Claytan sanitary ware, Hume & UAC roofing products. This can helps to build up reputation and boost up sales.
We have our own warehouse to store high volume of goods. At the meantime it can helps to increase product accessibility and afford stockpile in certain period where price of goods increase.
Our company able to cope with huge market demand by setting up three factories to ensure production is available all times. This can helps to penetrate market more effective and directly gain higher market share.
Our company has sufficient numbers of sales team to implement marketing strategies.
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